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About us

Our mission is to expand the art market, support more artists and help the buyer find their work of art that will brighten their lives or make a good investment.

Our work is aimed at helping in the acquisition and sale of works by authors of Western and Eastern Europe, post-Soviet countries.

However, we strive to cooperate with galleries, collectors, authors from different countries and continents to reflect the diversity of the art world, and world cultural heritage, as well as to satisfy the needs of our customer.

We direct our efforts to ensure that all people interested in art get closer and can get the necessary information or make a deal to purchase an author's product in a fast and safe way, accompanied by the professional assistance of our specialists.

Today we focus on works of contemporary art, living artists, and also provide advice on the purchase or sale of artifacts classified as antiques, that is, works dating back to the period of creation before the 20th century.

The selection principle is high quality of works, creative individuality.

With ArtInclude you can
Post your item on our website for the purpose of selling it
Buy your favorite author's product
Get advice from a designer, interior architect
Get advice from an art expert
ArtInclude Team
ArtInclude Team

Achieving the goal of the ARTINCLUDE project starts with our people.

We dedicate a huge amount of time and energy to finding world class talent to make them part of the project and members of the ARTINCLUDE team.

Want to join us? Tell us about yourself and your ideas in a letter.

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Our mission is to expand the art market, support more artists and help the buyer find their work of art.
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