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Trifonov Alexander

Trifonov Alexander

  • Россия
  • Year of birth: 1975

Born in Moscow in 1975. Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. He worked in the educational theater GITIS, in the theater of the Russian Army, as a graphic designer at the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Designer of many books and booklets on theater and art.

The painting style of the artist Alexander Trifonov is “...when a painting from simple forms of the objective world becomes high art, as in classical literature the image of an ordinary titular adviser expresses the fullness of life. The famous painting by Edvard Munch "The Scream", in addition to the association with the rupture of the aorta by Osip Mandelstam, gave Alexander Trifonov a reason to depict a devastated soul. But how to show a devastated soul on canvas? And he went to the extreme of the schizophrenic sense. A split, split consciousness can be shown in the geometrical crack of the skull... Suffice it to recall Fyodor Dostoevsky with his Rodion Raskolnikov, cutting through the skull of his own destiny.”

Paintings are in collections:

Museum in Jersey City (USA), Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts. S.D. Erzya, Togliatti Art Museum, Makek Gallery (Croatia), Jan Konjarek Gallery (Slovakia); in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, France, Slovakia, China.

Personal exhibitions of the artist were held at the Russian Academy of Arts (2005), in the Moscow galleries "On Kashirka", "On Solyanka", "On Chistye Prudy", "A3", "Open Club", in the Literary Museum, in the Theater on Taganka and others. Participant of group exhibitions in Russia, USA, France, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland.

April, 2021 year
80 x 100 см
$2 223
Bouquet, 2021 year
100 x 80 см
$2 000
Double bass
Double bass, 2021 year
120 x 90 см
$3 334
At the edge of the world
At the edge of the world, 2021 year
60 x 80 см
$1 667
Lighthouse, 2021 year
80 x 100 см
$1 889
Culmination, 2020 year
80 x 100 см
$2 778
Loneliness, 2019 year
80 x 100 см
$1 889

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