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Galina Magdanova

Galina Magdanova

  • Россия

Galina Magdanova

The most important thing in creativity for an artist - is the manifestation of sincere feelings.

Creativity for the author is to turn sensual experience into knowledge.

"What I see and hear I combine with my experience and transfer it to the canvas.

My creativity is directly linked to my feelings.My vision is distinctive , it is linked with mental

associations.This is my inner drama”

Despite the seeming simplicity of the paintings, they are not devoid of deep content.

On the contrary, they are layered, emotional and timelessly relevant.

There is a serious intellectual and emotional effort in each work.

Each piece is an integral part of the story.

The image may seem simple because the meaning is beyond it.

In each work, one can recognize oneself, make sense of it, get to the truth, drawing on one's

own archive of memories, feelings and thoughts.

, 2022 year
100 x 130 см
$2 729
, 2022 year
150 x 100 см
$4 548

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